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I have been diagnosed with AVN of the hips. I have already had shoulder transplants (from cadavars) that have been successful. I am scheduled on the right hip (in stage 1) to go in next Tuesday, September 22nd for core decompresion only and then the left hip (late stage 1-maybe early stage 2) to have core decompression including taking part of the bone from the calf. my question is, I have no pain at all I still can run and do step classes. What are my chances of developing pain after this twelve week process. I was under the impression that it was a very high success rate given the early stage and that there is no pain, but on some of these sites, I hear people say they are in a lot of pain, or that it didnt work. My doctor gave me the impression that this would be corrective surgury.

Thanks for any thoughts


-- Lynda Skluzak (, September 13, 2004


Is ever anybody won wit this disease? I am reading allover the internet about AVN but all of that are only sad stories. Is this really no cure for it? A have a case of it. My hips and knees for now I did nod do yet MRI of the shoulders. Please if anybody knows a case of complete reqasculization lasting more that 5 years please speak up. Give some hope for others. Regards, Jacek

-- Jacek P (, March 05, 2005.

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