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Anyone removed their baffles? I am looking to louden the sound of my 2004 SPR and want to know if anyone has done this procedure. I am not really concerned with increase HP only louder sound. Do you also need a WTO chip or powercommander if the baffles are removed? Also if I were to purchase an exhaust which is the loudest system available? Any suggestions would be great.

-- Tobin Tracy (sales@clearalternatives.com), September 13, 2004


Yo! As per my knowledge, the loudest cans for MV's is the Blue Flame. Or better yet, get a Duc or a Harley if the noise are not enough. he he he

-- AJ (adiviso@hotmail.com), September 13, 2004.

I agree with AJ!!! The MV is a machine of finesse. It needs not anounce it's presence! And if you do change exhausts on it, you will need a WCT or power commander chip and probably a custom map on it. Opening the exhaust leans it way out! If you do not like longevity of your emgine, gut the exhaust and run it that way!!! Coming off of a carbon fiber twin was an adjustment for me, but I have another bike that it rather loud, so I appreciate the elegant subtalties of the MV.

-- Cali-Kane (mvagusta@sbcglobal.net), September 14, 2004.

I agree with Cali. If you do the pipes you will definately need either an upgraded chip (at worst) or PCIII and dyno session (best if you can foot the bill). I have been running revamped Casoli pipes (with one stage of baffling left in) and stock chip for about a month and even though it sounds great the bike was suffering a little. This morning I had a PCIII fitted and a remap carried out on a dyno. As soon as I rode it away the difference was immediately evident.....money and time well spent. The more extreme the pipe work that you are planning the more you should consider a PCIII and dyno/remap. However, the first dyno we did on my bike this morning before fitting PCIII showed a dip roughly the size of the grand canyon at just under 6000rpm in HP and torque. The stock pipes and chip dyno showed this dip to be much less pronounced. PCIII went some way to rectifying this. The charts also showed just how lean it runs with revamped pipes at the top end and with all baffles completely removed it'll only make it worse. I know you don't care about HP, etc, etc but in support of Cali's comments and for the sake of your bike you should be aware of these points. Now as far as sound is concerned I have heard an F4 with all baffles completely removed and yes it sounds incredible and is very, very loud.....can't imagine you'd need it much louder...unless of course you're acoustically challenged!

-- Takis Markatos (loms-ltd@ntlworld.com), September 14, 2004.

I fitted straight through 'after market' pipes on my 02 MV. They were so loud I removed them and sold them again on ebay. All other pipes look naff compared to the standard MV set up. So I went for Casoli stage one mod with the tips done in red. It looked and sounded wicked. I fitted and RG3 chip for about 50.00 and then took it to my dealer who set up the throttle bodies and CO2. Straight away the fuelling was noticably better...shame my MV is now a right off due to some other twat. I'll go for Casoli pipes again when I get my new MV....roll on !

-- (carlstatham@supanet.com), September 16, 2004.

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