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I am new to DCC and need some help. I am not sure if I have put in insulated gaps in the appropriate areas. I have several reverse loops on my layout and have MRC reverse loop detectors ready to install. My problem at the moment is that after progamming the engines and set the controller to main I can run the engine but once it hits the gaps at the end of the programming track the controller flashes signifying a short. I have isolated the reverse loops but not installed the modules as of yet. Would anyone out there be interested in viewing a schematic of my layout thru a pdf I can send them? Or even real mail if anyone would be afraid of viruses.

I am stumped but I have a feeling it is something simple I am missing. The system I have is the MRC prodigy.

Thanks in advance. Wayne Huseby Jamestown, ND

-- Wayne Huseby (wchuseby@daktel.com), September 11, 2004


Sounds like you have track wiring reversed at the programming track Vs the main line.

-- Don Vollrath (dvollrath@magnetek.com), September 13, 2004.

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