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Bad news everyone!!! The tool of Satan, Akobadageth, has returned to Lusenet impersonating me in another forum board! We need to stop this person once and for all!

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2004


Rev. Harper have you done this before, , for example, changing the dates to find the date in the middle for example Sept 24 by selecting 23 and 25? Administration for "Ask Jesus"

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∑ visit the user-visible page: threads | Q&A

∑ visit the administration page: threads | Q&A

∑ look at expired threads (a Q&A only thing)

This give you the names of people in the forum. I know the regulars. So someone I donít know I check.

Here are the participants who've made at least 1 postings between 2004-09-23 and 2004-09-25... (16) (3) (4) (1)

This gives me his postings.

(1) Postings by in the Ask Jesus forum

(main admin page)

∑ Response to Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals (2004-09-24) ∑ Response to Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals (2004-09-22)

I can check on the threads to see if his message is there. The by clicking on the box, I can delete his post. This I do now to get rid of the offending post (long and so on some one uses against our forum.

Delete and View Threads for "Ask Jesus"

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Personally, I don't find this interface as useful as the admin Q&A but to each his own... Those Threads

DELETE Response to Who Has The Keys To The Kingdom Of God, Faith?

DELETE Who Has The Keys To The Kingdom Of God, Faith?

DELETE Response to I DO believe that once you are saved you cannot be unsaved. God wouldn't promise


If you have, good. If you havenít , try it.

I eliminated long threads (17 pages and longer) freeing the thread and the server error message. This way I was able to restore the thread faster without cut and paste.

Just a suggestion.

Ask Jesus assistant Moderator.

(after trying it or if you don't need to erase my message. We don't need to give clues to the enemy.)

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2004

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