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I am a graduate student researching the history of the Murphy bed in California prior to 1920... would anyone have any ideas on journals, or trade catalogues that I should investigate to learn how the bed was advertised and distributed in SF at that time. Also I am told the bed's inventor William K Lawrence worked from his home and had the bed manufactured elsewhere, does anyone know the where-abouts of either locatation?

-- robyn einhorn (, September 09, 2004


You probably already have this URL, but this is a real good place to start:

The idea of a convertible bed goes waaaaay back. I remember reading about bookcases that converted into beds. They were used a lot in Victorian boarding houses and apartment buildings as a way of acommodating more people per unit.

-- Rosa (, September 09, 2004.

I have a Folding bed, made by the Windsor folding bed company, Chicago Ill. We can date it back to the early 30's but we believe it is older than that. Do you have any ideas on where we can find additional information.

-- Kay Reid (, November 27, 2004.

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