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I understand that some stories may have been snatched up in a legal or illegal fashion by some corporate manuvering but do Poe's main stories have any sort of copyright. I speak of the Tell Tale Heart in particular. I'm not gonna lie and i know it makes most die hard fans uneasy (i've read past posts) but i would like to make a short film. Answers would be greatly appreciated.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2004


There is no copyright on Poe's works. Lots of people have dramatized the Tell Tale Heart, and even made short films of it. Go for it!

-- Anonymous, September 10, 2004

Be pprudent in HOW you incorporate texts. definitive textxs and variatiatyions are available at BUT you may not use the site's publication of the ssame in cut and paste. The words of Poe are not copyrighted, the hard copy or internet copy are not necessarily.

For a film this should be no problem- as well as the fact that few films are(or can) be faithful to the text.

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2004

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