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What was the most important theory that Bandura developed? I enjoyed abnormal psychology, adolescence development, human span

-- Felipe Solano de la Sala (, September 08, 2004


I think he is best known for his theory of observational learning (also called 'vicarious learning'). Seminal studies that he and his colleagues performed are those known as the 'bobo doll studies'. These studies are covered by all the major introductory textbooks on psychology.

You can find further information on Albert Bandura at .

-- Casper Hulshof (, September 09, 2004.

Hi Felipe, While some might consider Bandura's main contributions to be our understanding of how often individuals observe other's behavior to find out what typically works or does not work,I will mention three other contributions he made that could be as important as his work with observation/imitation/models. First was his pioneering work on human aggression (particularly showing how important imitative aggression was) and second was his pivotal role in the 20th century transition in psychology from a social-behavioral perspective to a social/cognitive-behavioral perspective. Quite a bit of individual cognitive analysis and emotional evaluation was assumed to go on in important social interactions, and he felt that social interactions were often two-way streets (i.e., his concept of reciprocal determinism). Another example of his cognitive perspective (and the third contribution I will add to his contributions list in addition to his imitation work)was his important concept of self-efficacy (feeling capable, particularly in certain contexts). We spend so much time and energy convincing others and ourselves, that we are capable and worthy. I hope this helps. Paul

-- Paul Kleinginna (, September 10, 2004.

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