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Just share with you an event I have attended. In Singapore Novena Church, they celebrated the annual procession of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. This year theme - Mary and the Holy Eaucharist. It was a simple phenomena which I observed but I know its a gesture and miracle from Mary for her children.

5/09/2004 Event: 6pm Annual Procession of OLPS. Thousands devotees gather at the open car park for the processions and mass. 4pm - dark cloud gathering. extremely light springkling of rain drops. Strong wind portends possible rain. Sky got darker. Just a few minutes before 6pm (where the processions and mass starts), thunder could be heard. winds and dark clouds continue to form. One old man standing next to me says, "don't worry, there will not be rain, Mary won't let it rain". I have doubts though, based on my experience with such clouds and wind. In my heart, rain or shine, our lady loves us. If she stops the rain - its her kind maternal gesture for her loving children. If its rains, she is just springkling us with blessings. In either way I feel her presence and maternal love. Procession and mass went on beautifully. There were no rain throughout the event. Upon the final hymn, there were again very very light sprinklings - the one that you could feel on your hands - just one or two drops. The strange thing is that the clouds have all cleared and yet springkling. Could be springkling of final blessings? :) I know many attendees at the event think so and they have seen a miracle from our Lady.

-- Anthony Yong (, September 05, 2004



-- - (.@....), September 05, 2004.

Beautiful, Anthony. Thank you for sharing!

I remember once when I was at a youth group event around a campfire, we sang the song "Anointing Fall On Me." The chorus goes like this:

Anointing fall on me,
anointing fall on me;
Let the power of the Holy Ghost fall on me;
Anointing fall on me.

Anyway, as we sang that, very light raindrops came from the sky, and we stayed longer but it only rained during that song. It was beautiful -- like God was answering our song of prayer. Also a nice reminder of our baptism, although I was Protestant at the time and did not fully understand the significance of baptism from the Catholic viewpoint. Nonetheless, your story brings back good memories :)

-- Emily (", September 06, 2004.

Maybe the two beautiful accounts could not be, strictly speaking, called miracles. I would classify them rather as "Providential actions", which without being a true miracle, they nevertheless indicate the loving presence of our Lord or of Our Lady in our daily lives.


-- Enrique Ortiz (, September 10, 2004.

Yup.. that is the perfect word to described it indeed!

-- Anthony Yong (, September 11, 2004.

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