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Hello all....justw anetd to throw this out there in case someone else has experienced this with their F4.

The other night I was riding ont he highway, and my high beem suddenly went out. I switched to low beam, and it didn't work either. After going over a few bumps, my low beam spontaneously started working again. The high beam, however, has never come back on.

I assume the high beam is just burnt out?? Bike is only 6 months old, so I thought that was kind of odd. Also, has any one else ever experienced this on/off phenomenon with the low beam???



-- Dave (, September 05, 2004


Have you recently washed the bike??? This is the number one cause of "electrical phenomenon" with the MV's. Any water around the area of the ingnition switch is susspect. Also, check the connectors that go into and on the headlamp. If these appear to be OK, check the main connector on the wiring harness at the triple clamp. Also check the fuses, though unlikely. If all of this seems to be in order, go to the connector for the headlight dipswitch. If this checks out fine, then it is probably in the switch itself. Best of luck!

-- Cali-Kane (, September 05, 2004.

Thanks for the tips. Yes, I had recently washed the bike, so it was wet. It is dry now though, and it is still doing it.

I will check the things you suggested and post back my results later today.



-- Dave (, September 06, 2004.

Dave, get a heat gun and dry it properly.You mustchange the bulb.. and your problem might go away. clifford

-- Clifford Proctor (, October 02, 2004.

I actually ran into the same problem today. The lights wouldn't come on at all when I turned the key, high beam or low beam. I checked the bulbs, the fuses, all ok. I got on the bike raised the kick stand, turned the ignition and they came on again. But then on the way home they went out but this time blowing the fuse. I replaced the fuse but they still wouldn't come on. Its most probably a loose connector or a short somewhere since the bike uses two separate relays for the high beam & low beam. I find it hard that two relays would go bad at the same time. Mine's still under warranty so I'll have dealer figure it out.


-- Yehoram (, December 09, 2004.

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