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I had TKR 6-11-04 The doctor Had promised 120 degrees motion, said surgery would take approx. an hour, The OP. theater was booked for 1.5 hours. I had a previous knee injury 30 years ago, severe.Last year I had 110 degree motion.The surgery took 4.5 hours, and some damage was left as the doctor was out of time and didn't think it would cause to much of a future problem.My right knee hurts very much all the time and is loose sideways, you can feel it banging around. The more I complained the lower my pain meds until, he cut me off 7 weeks after surgery. I fired him,since then I can find no other Orthopedic doc in this area who will see me, and I am in constant pain with a right knee, 90 degree motion, loose and noisy. Also the clinic that did my surgery refuses to see me now. S.W. Washington

-- Michael S Jones (Elainevncvr@aol./com), September 04, 2004

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