Evangelism,new methods ?

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Dear Freinds

I am doing research on new methods of doing evangelism. I believe that evangelism should not be a once off campaign or revival service .Rather in my opinion evangelism should be a life style ,intergrated into the life of a congregation. However, has anyone have ideas how we could intergrate an evagelism program into the entire congregation, not an addedum to to church program,Has anyone have books that i could read as part of my research?

thanking you in anticipation

-- Anonymous, August 29, 2004


Hello Rev. Higgins,

I agree that the best evangelism is the life style that a Christian leads. A world renowned minister said that conduct, character, and conversation are crucial towards leading someone to Christ. Quite frankly, it annoys me when strangers approach me in the parking lot or knock on my door and want to talk to me about religion. Everybody that has accepted Jesus as their Saviour is a Christian. However, every Christian is not following Christ in their daily walk.


-- Anonymous, August 31, 2004

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