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I have a 14' X 32' triple deck HO layout (top deck yet to be built) run with a Digitrax 5 amp Radio Super Chief. Through experimentation, I have determined that I will need 3 DB150s for the lower staging level alone (30 staging tracks with 19 DS52s). I have over 80 decoder-equipped locomotives - more than 40 with sound - on the entire layout and will eventually have over 40 DS52s total when I finish the upper level. My question is how many DB150s (each with their own power source) can be connected together via Loconet from a DCS100? Is there a maximum? I figure I will ultimately need 6 DB150s total. Will this pose any potential problems? Thanks for any advise you can give!!

-- Cliff Powers (, August 28, 2004



You should be able to have 6 DB150s. I don't know of any reason that places a limit on the # of DB150s. I have 7 boosters connected to my DCS100.

-- Allan Gartner (, August 29, 2004.


Digitrax says that the number of command stations you use is infinite as long as proper Loconet wiring practices are used.


-- MaxwellHolmquist (, September 24, 2004.

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