does any historian know anything about the San Francisco Harbor police and what happen to this unit? : LUSENET : San Francisco History : One Thread

I have some collectibles from the San Francisco Harbor Police department does anyone know when then were in service and were they a part of the city or the state? any help would helpful. Thanks to all

-- jay (, August 28, 2004


In this link Captain Duke refers to the Harbor Police District as one of the districts of the San Francisco Police Force.

Good luck in your research.

-- Kurt Iversen (, August 30, 2004.

Jay: i remember the Harbor Police. they were offically brought under the auspices of the SFPD in the late 1970S and phased out.

-- mike (, September 06, 2004.

THe Harbor Police were a seperate Police Department until the late 70s/early 80s. They were absorbed into the SFPD. There was actually a few officers who were classified as Harbor Police and not "Q-2" SFPD Officer, even though they were absorbed. San Francisco is funny that way.

-- Timothy J. Zuniga (, November 05, 2004.

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