What is Elevation of Golden Gate Park at Haight and Stanyon

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I've got a bet going with someone and he says that the elevation at the end of Golden Gate Park at Height and Stanyon is 250 feet. I say it is 150 feet. Whoever is closer wins the bet. Does anyone know what the elevation is at Haight and Stanyon?

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*@bigmalbox.net), August 28, 2004


My map shows about 270 feet.

-- strange (
stranger@yahoo.com), August 28, 2004.

When I looked at the map, it showed about 200 feet two blocks from the park so I don't know where you got 270 from. The print is small but I am sure it does not say 270. It says 200.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*@bigmailbox.net), August 29, 2004.

Harry, count backwards from the 300 foot contour at the intersection of Grove and Stanyan. 280 foot contour is the intersection of Hayes and Stanyan. The next contour (260 feet) bisects the Panhandle at Masonic. The intersection of Haight and Stanyan is between the 260 and 280 foot contour, 270' was just a wild guess.
Trust me Harry, you lost the bet...wink!

-- strange (stranger@yahoo.com), August 29, 2004.

Someone can read a map. The 300' countour line is bold and readable while the other are kinda fuzzy; the 280' could mistakenly be read as 200'. Harry's intersection is between the 260' and 280' lines.

-- will (willstaiger@yahoo.com), August 30, 2004.

I'm looking at the marker on that map that is one block from the Panhandle on one side and one block from Haight Street on the other side and three blocks from Stanyon. The map says it is Page Street and it says on the map that it is 200 feet. It is a little blurry but it sure looks like it says 200 feet to me.

The Panhandle going East stays level for at least 6 blocks so the Panhandle at the Park should be the same 200 feet. Between the Panhandle and Haight Street there is no ascent that I can tell when I have walked it so I don't see how Haight and Stanyon should be 200 feet according to that map.

As far as Hayes and Grove street go that was mentioned, that is way up a steep hill and of course it is going to be higher. I think too that those hills are more than just a 30 foot drop to the Panhandle.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*@bigmailbox.net), August 31, 2004.

Harry, hundred foot contour lines are darker and readly indentifiable (100', 200', 300'. etc.). Start at the 300' (Grove and Stanyan) contour and count backwards (each line represents twenty feet elevation), or drop into the Purple Grotto directly under the California Academy of Science, elev. 275' (My, what's up with that jackhammer?) and look at the real map in front of me that demonstrates you lost your bet.

Heck, just check the profile chart below the map, it doesn't drop below 260' through the entire panhandle. Simple, no?

-- strange (stranger@yahoo.com), August 31, 2004.

Intersection of Height and Stanyan is between 250' and 275'. 7.5-minute map is twenty-five foot contour (not twenty!). Harry, you lost the bet.


-- John C. Frémont (J.C.Frémont@pathfinder.com), August 31, 2004.

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