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Please browse to: and you will find a BLOG called "todays-ame". This is a test of using a BLOG as a means of communicating and making our ideas know and perhaps changing some minds to accept Christ or get to know him better. I think the consensus is that one day, we don't know when, we will no longer be able to post on AME Today. This Blog has some good features so far: It's Free (I'm supplying the test server,; If you join you can create your own profile in cluding pictures (I've always wondered what rev paris looked like); the only ad is the small link to Blogger; it can have multiple Administrators; it is by membership only; etc; it is by invitation, however it appears that if you are a member of one Blog, you can view other Blogs. Anyway, let us try it and see. We can do this in parallel with the current BB. If you haven't received an invitation, send me mail. Be Blessed

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2004

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