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advice please just purchased recessed airbox covers, Question 1 do you have to cut the whole of the top of the airbox off to fit question 2 what is the best adhesive to stick them with. All advice would be appreciated

vic goll

-- vic goll (, August 27, 2004



You need to leave about 10mm around the edges which enables covers to be stuck in place. I used some clear silicon sealer from B&Q which are still in place after over a year. I would suggest you stick them on with the air tubes in place a long with fairings as location is quite critical.


-- Tony Hilson (, August 27, 2004.

Ditto the 10 MM... no leaks VERY important...

cover top of tube with masking tape... trace cover outline on to tape... sketch the offset for the area to be removed... drill through at all corners... with Dremel or other tool and cut off wheel... do a rough cut of the outline... trim and fine cut to sketch... remove tape and lightly sand edges...

I used tape again to set the covers on the tubes in place and mark there locations.

Then with the tubes off applied a contiuous 5-6mm bead of BLACK silcone adhesive to the tube.

Lightly set the cover in the bead of silcone and begin taping down to fitment marks. Continue the taping in a crossing pattern along the cover edges until the full perimeter of the cover is taped back to the tube.

Let set 24 hours.

Remove the tape and trim/lift/peel excess silicone from the joint.

Reassemble and enjoy.

-- Scot Hennon (, August 27, 2004.

I concur with the above but if you do not have a Dremel use a hacksaw blade and when finised cutting dont forget to vacuum all the swarf out of the air boxes!!! Les

-- les spragg (, August 28, 2004.

They need to be stuck down pretty well, my local dealer has had a couple blow off as the pressure inside the tubes builds up at speed

-- mike (, August 28, 2004.


I hope next JPG will be some help.

And I sharpenned the edge a little to fit the cover completely. Good Luck!

-- Marco (, August 30, 2004.

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