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I don't myself nor do I allow any others to engage in politics in the conduct and business of the church that I am responsible for and to. As a private citizen, I want others to be convinced as I am. The church needs to be about the saving of souls by preaching the gospel. Now when all have come to a saving knowledge of Christ, the leftover time can be spent preaching politics.

Does anyone else feel this way?

-- Anonymous, August 27, 2004


Rev Paris, Are you talking about the pulpit's endorsement of certain political candidates in an election year?


Are you talking about contemporary and political issues being discussed from the pulpit?

I am sure that it is tough for the clergy in an election year because so many politicians are so hawkish about photo ops, speaking ops, endorsements, and contributions etc.

However, isn't a good thing for a congregants to be civic-minded, to embrace the concerns of the overall community, and to participate in the political process? I am not sure--I am ambivalent because we don't want to lose our core mission but at the same time is it possible to combine the two in a mutually beneficial way.

Rev. Paris, thanks for giving me something to really wrap my brain around this morning. If you don't mind, I plan to shamelessly steal your topic for my Adult Discussion Group.

Be Blessed, kc

-- Anonymous, August 27, 2004

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