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I am a non Catholic my girlfriend is a Catholic living in Mexico. We want to have a Catholic wedding ceremony in Mexico. I do realize that the Catholic church will recognize our wedding even though I am not Catholic. And we do plan on raising our children in the Catholic faith. My queston is since we want to have our wedding in Mexico, because of deep traditions in Mexico, especially with the Catholic faith do you feel that the church could be more strict on allowing such a marriage? In other words, expect me to convert before the wedding? Also, she very much wants to receive communion, but since I am a non-catholic can she? Or is our only option to have a ceremony without communion? What other options do we have? Thank you. Sean

-- Sean (, August 26, 2004


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-- (bump@bump.bump), August 26, 2004.

I am also having my wedding in mexico al that is needed is for the catholic church to approve the marriage and send the forms to the church in mexico in spanish and it should not be a problem.

-- Christopher Kumicich (, December 14, 2004.

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