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It was wonderful to read your letters, I found some wonderful suggestions. Having Crohn's (an intestinal disorder) myself, I can sympathize with the devastation of daily and chronic pain. Today my family received news that my 13 year old son has AVN in both his ankles. He loves sports. He plays soccer (goalie), baseball (pitcher and catcher) and bowling. They told us today he will have to give up soccer this season (and maybe for good) They also stated that he should limit his activities to walking, bike riding and swimming. My son is ADD and has always been very active and sports has enabled him to balance his energy and given him acceptance with his peers. Needless to say we were devastated to hear that there is nothing they can do and the disease is progressive. They have stated that they believe he has had AVN for a least 3 years (he played sports though out this time). Has anyone continued an active lifestyle after finding out they have AVN and if so for how long? Has anyone gone into remission for any length of time? Has anyone found medicine, vitamins, foods or regiments that work? Thank you for your time and I wish you all pain free days.


-- Diane (ddgame1@aol.com), August 26, 2004

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