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Dazzle video OK, dazzle audio non-existant. looked at various other posts and it has nothing to do with PAL NTSC, it is a N. American Hi8 tape being viewed on a computer which can read either... but i have checked both PAL and NTSC PAL does not show at all. The dazzle 80 is a usb connection and i'm using an s-video cable to connect the camcorder. I should actually say, there is sound but it comes as snap crackle and pop. any help is greatly appreciated.

-- Michael (mrsinclair@blueyonder.co.uk), August 25, 2004


USB based capture devices are a VERY bad idea. PCI cards are the way to go. You said that you connected a S-video cable. Did you connect 2 cables for the sound? S-video only gives you the video. Even if you get this working, I will be honest with you and say that you will very likely be disappointed with any USB based capture device if you ever try to make SVCDs or DVDs. I am personally recommending now that people use Hauppage PCI cards for video capture. Dazzle used to make a great PCI card called the DVC II, but now that they have switched to USB products, I don't recommend anyone buy their products any more. There are just too many problems with all USB capture devices, no matter who makes them.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), August 26, 2004.

The Dazzle 80 is the only USB capture device that Dazzle has ever made that works correctly (more or less) - basically the best turd out of a long line of crap. You're going to need a really fast machine to use it. Even then, the one I had hooked to my 2.4GHz machine (it was free) still dropped frames. On a slower machine, I had problems getting audio to work, and video was a mess. I would guess that your machine is simply to slow to do all the processing needed to capture properly.

As Root stated, the best capture device is a PCI card. USB devices are a poor solution at best, and usually don't work well.

-- Bryan (gryps-innocens@gryphon.zzn.com), August 29, 2004.

I can't get audio to work at all. Video works OK. I'v tried patching to the sound card. won't work. It's a piece of crap and I'll make sure the world knows it. 70 bucks down the drain. will try to sell it on ebay and get a decent PCI card.

-- Joe (jmihalek@charter.net), February 05, 2005.

Following up. I just downloaded dazzle DVC 80 drivers for XP from Drivers.com. Iam using an older RCA analog camcorder. I hooked av out and audio out to the Dazzle 80 (RCA plugs). I can get some audio now. But, it's choppy and you can't understand it. I'm not a computer expert so I would have some trouble doing windows adjustments. If I get it working better. I'll post. By the way. I'm 1.6ghz cpu and 80g HDD. 512 mb ram.

-- Joe (jmihalek@charter.net), February 05, 2005.

I have been trying to use it as an audio capture to convert vinyl to dc but the best I can get I get a strange garbled sound. Yes I turned off all other inputs etc. Im running xp on a 2.8gig PC so I dont think processing power is the problem. Glad I didn't pay retail for it. Wish I had payed retail for a better product.

-- old tech (really@not.com), March 04, 2005.

Dazzle DVC 80 didnīt capture audio. And it still doesnīt. I bypassed that USB device with audio cables, connecting them into LINE IN on my sound card. I used patch cable with 2 RCA audio connectors on one side and 3 mm stereo connector on the other side to connect to the VCR. That did the trick.

-- Erv (teea67@yahoo.com), March 13, 2005.

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