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I am a co-owner in a corporation. Since the inception of the business, all three partners have had a verbal agreement not to sell like products with current customers using current or previous vendors. I have recently questioned a partner regarding such acts. He stated that he is selling products that we had begun to slow down in (the business is liquiding and closing), that he had lied about such acts, and has no intentions of stoping. I have also found out that he is selling these products while still on the clock and using our company vehicle to deliver them. He is also attempting to make sells of assets ie. customer bases, receiving product from said selss etc. behind his other partners backs that would bring only himself income over many months to years. How can I force this guy to be honest and make sure all sells and deals regarding assets benefit the company - not just himself.

-- Michaela Shappet (, August 21, 2004

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