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Just got my new issue of Countryside. Do you folks still read it? (I love it!). How did you like the recipes for canning? Anyone have time to can these days? (I don't!) Did you like the hoop house/greenhouse? Wasn't it weird to have color advertising?

I'm so busy I hardly have time to sleep or pee these days, but I still love Countryside, still love *this* forum (kind of miss the old Countryside one), and still love y'all!

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2004


btw, does anyone have the old CS forum archived on a CD or something?

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2004

I still have a subscription to CS and read it occasionally, but have really outgrown the magazine. My approach to self reliency does not fit well into the 40 year old "modern homesteading " perspective of old timey style approachs they present . I prefer evaluating new developments to be implemented in smaller space, greater intesity of output approaches. CS is more rooted in 19th century quaintness while I embrace 21st century advancements. I find that the internet provides me with better empirical data and hypothesis fodder for my experimentations.

I have gotten away from both canning and dehydration in favor of year round environmentally controlled growing that remains in the 75 to 85 degree range year round. Last year I had two humming birds winter over with me. I enoy my year round gardening and artifical UV in the winter. Picking from my raised beds just off my back hallway is so much easier than canning and drying for me :>)

The old CS Forum is archived at the Homesteading Today forum group in the Archive Forum.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2004

Yeah, I still read it; and enjoy it. In fact, there is a Nov/Dec 2002 issue open on my computer desk right now; to remind me to order a book that was reviewed - just as soon as I can remeber my Paypal password!

I don't mind the old timey stuff so much, seeing as I do a lot of things that way myself! I enjoy the convenience of some 21st century things, but the Luddite in me has me stepping back and waiting a few years until items or technology prove themselves to be useful; or at least not harmful. GM seeds come to mind; along with farm chemicals. I'm rather fond of electricity, for example, but wish that mine was wind or solar generated. I like low-impact, but don't think that it has to mean low quality of life.

Yep, I'm a canning (and freezing and dehydrating) fool this time of year. White grape juice (which is actually rose) yesterday, pressure cooking some chicken to freeze in containers with broth for easy meals later this morning; then one more canner load of white grape juice (took both canners for the chicken) and some salsa this afternoon before I hit the bed for a nap prior to going in to work. I've already got a year's supply of green beans and all the various things you can make from a tomato canned up; plus peaches, strawberries, blackberries, and assorted jams in the freezer. Just waiting for apple season so that I can can some cinnamon apples, and put some sliced ones in the freezer for pies and crisps. Wish I had more of a year round growing set up, but I'm happy with what I am able to do here.

I liked the hoophouse, but I am admittedly too esthetically focused to use skids. I would want boards or block for the bottom; and not nearly so high (of course, the 5' height would work for me!)

I have the CD of the archives, but usually just go to Homesteading Today if there is something that I want to look up. I have c/p'd and printed a lot of stuff from the old forum to save to read in my later years. Of course, the paper will probably all turn to dust by then...

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2004

I stopped getting it once I found the Countryside site. I was able to get answers to questions immediately instead of waiting for an article that might come along.

I brought all my old copies to my sister last year. Knowing her, they are still sitting in the box, in the same spot.

By the way sheepish, you could pee and read your Countryside at the same time. : )

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2004

I let mine lapse about two years ago. Have no need for them anymore, not only cuz I'm movin to the city, but because I too found diminishing value and so much redundancy. Wasn't much new to learn anymore! It's a great mag for new homesteaders, that's for sure. I have the CD from the forum, which I'm sure I'll always treasure for its great memories.

-- Anonymous, August 19, 2004

Well shoot! Thanks for the reminder. I pick my mag up at the library and I'm waaaay behind!

Its funny I get lots of e-mail from people (I guess from the old forum) who want to know about building and other topics. Does anyone else here from the old gang?......Kirk

-- Anonymous, August 19, 2004

I don't hear from the old gang (unless some of us are considered so!).

The one thing in CS that is sometimes amusing, sometimes annoying, and certainly to be expected is the folks who 'just arrived'. As they talk about the joys of getting on their land, everything is just great. I would like to have them report back in about 5 years and tell the readers how weedy everything is by now, how they had to spend the winter at Mom's because the babies' diapers froze to their little bottoms, etc.! Okay, maybe not that. But I wouldn't be hearty enough to live the way that some of those folks chose. (but then again, I'm gettin' a bit longer in the tooth these days).

I'm gonna get me one of them hoop houses. Actually I have so so so many plans and so so so little time. And yeah, the suggestion about multitasking my reading and um, well, has been tried!

-- Anonymous, August 20, 2004

I get emails all the time, but usually from strangers, asking questions about health issues and rotational grazing and such.

Never thought I'd feel this way, but after two and a half years off the farm, I'm thinkin the only way I'd go back to the country would be in some kind of communal arrangement, with a built-in community. I don't want to be that isolated anymore, I think it feeds my depression. Course who know how I'll feel in two more years.......might be so sick of people I'll be ready to flee!

-- Anonymous, August 20, 2004

I changed my e-mail because I was getting requests from people for my portable shed. I would send them and ask for them to let me know how it went but no one would write back. I didn't mind so much in the beginning but the last straw was when someone e-mailed me: "shed plans" no salutation, please or thank you. Alot of those people were Google search.

I'll privately send the plans to some people when I read a post now and then. But I make sure to tell them not to publish it.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2004

I'm still subscribed to CS magazine. Yeah...I know most of it is redundant and I've read alot of it in previous issues, but....since CS was the inspiration for Harry, my son and I to "escape" from the encroachment of urbanization on Cape Cod, I feel a kind of attachment to it!! Does that make any sense?? I'll probably keep the subscription going for as long as I can. I love reading how other young people are discovering the freedom of homesteading and I also feel a weird sort of "attachment" to the way things were done in the 19th century. Maybe that era was my most recent previous "life" :-)!!??

-- Anonymous, August 25, 2004

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