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I've been reading up on infiltration and the like, and I want to go exploring! What interesting places are there to poke around in the Bay Area? I already considered trying to sneak onto the old cruise ship at the San Francisco boatyard, but it's docked next to a decommissioned Navy ship, and I could get prosecuted as a spy if I get caught (or so I'm told). Soooo . . . what places are there to explore where the stakes aren't quite so high?


-- i. antonio (, August 17, 2004


The Armory. Although as a decommissioned military building (from like the 1800s) and the overly hostile foreign policy of the current administration, you could still wind up with electrodes attached to your nuts for being there.

1800 Mission at 14th


Let me know if you go! Take a baseball bat though.

-- Truck Boy (, August 19, 2004.

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