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Good Day all,

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on the Message Board. I want to first give thanks to God and to all of the persons that were a part of the 1st Ever Young adult Revivial held during the General Confernece. It was a truly blessed 3 night worship services. The RAYAC will again have it at the 2008 General Cofnerence (We will get a larger room). We also are pleased to know that the Genral Cofnernce has passed the revised Constition and By-laws of the RAYAC. Each bishop will be recieving an information packet about the development of RAYAC within the Districts.

We also would like to annouce that the RAYAC will be sponsoring the First ever Young Adult Conclave to be in Los Angeles, CA -- June 23-26, 2005. (ages 18-40). Online registration will begin October 1, 2004. Please make sure you are in attendance. If you request an information bulleting about the Conclave please send an email to or Also feel free to go to our new website: The Theme Chosen is: "Anoint Us with Fresh Oil." We are expecting for 2005 young adults to be in attendence in '05.

More registration info will follow by mid September. Please pray for us in this endeavor.


-- Anonymous, August 15, 2004


I attended the revival at General Conference and I just want to thank you for being in God's service, and congratulate you (all of you) for insight. The revival services were truly inspiring and provided much needed renewal and refreshing after long conference days (and evenings).

It was truly wonderful to see youth and young adults from throughout the AME connection come together for praise, worship, fellowship, and deliverance. While I'm proud that some of our preachers from the 2nd Episcopal District helped to make the revival successful, I'm more proud that the RAYAC helped to bring the General Conference to a different spiritual level -- all to the glory of God!

I pray for the success of the Conclave in Los Angeles and the continued growth of the RAYAC. God bless you!

-- Anonymous, August 16, 2004

The RAYAC Revival was truly a blessed event at the General Conference. There were powerful speakers and anointed praise and worship at the services. The glory of God was present and His spiritual blessings filled the hall. I visited the RAYAC web site and I believe that the leaders of RAYAC are doing a great job. I will join RAYAC in my episcopal district (7) after I leave YPD. RAYAC is an excellent ministry and my prayer is that the oil of God's precious anointing will continue to fall on RAYAC. God Bless!!!

-- Anonymous, August 17, 2004

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