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Is it possible to play CDROM's normally made for viewing on computers, to be viewed on VCD player connected to a TV?


Dean Phillips

-- Dean Phillips (, August 14, 2004


I believe that most VCD players can also play a CD full of .mp3 or various .jpg picture files, but you would need to verify that with your particular VCD players instruction manual.

Otherwise, no. There would be nothing to see or hear on a regular CD-ROM data disc. If you have a really tolerant player, it will *try* and play it as an audio disc, with one long track.

-- Bryan (, August 15, 2004.

AFAIK, no. I've heard that DVD players can view CDs full of JPGs as slides. But not on my VCD player. The only thing it can play back is a CD full of MP3s.

For videos, you need to convert it to a VCD. I do it in 3 steps.

1. Use TMPGEncoder to create a VCD complaint MPEG file

2. Use VCDGear to create a bin/cue file from the MPEG

3. Use Nero to burn a VCD from the bin/cue file

All the programs are free. Time taken depends on your PC. For a 1 hour video, my P4-3GHz takes about 30 minutes for step 1, 1 minute for step 2, and 5 minutes for step 3.

-- Daniel Khoo (, August 15, 2004.

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