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Hi guys. I've never used this board before, only read it for fun. But now I need some help; while driving into North Beach last night, via the Marina, I found myself wondering about the mansion on the SE corne of Laguna and Bay streets. Persistent Googling reveals nothing. Can anyone give me any history on this building, or at least some hints about where to look online for better info? Much appreciated!

-- Joe (, August 13, 2004


My guess is that you are seeing The Heritage Apartments that begin at 3400 Laguna. This is a classy rest home that started out as the Ladies Protection and Relief Home. Not quite a mansion.

Good luck in your research.

-- Kurt Iversen (, August 14, 2004.

The Heritage was constructed by the San Francisco Ladies' Protection and Relief Society. It was designed by Julia Morgan and completed in 1925. See the Argonaut, Journal of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society, Volume 14 No. 2, Winter 2003 for more details.

-- robert bardell (, August 16, 2004.

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