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I am a newbie who is at the point of trying to get a train up and running. I have wired my layout and have hooked the wires into my digitrax dcs50 controller. I am getting a flashing red light in the track status panal. Is this what it should be? I have not terminated the end of the bus (is this a problem if not the problem) I have an atlas Frisco loco (with built in decoder) that does nothing on the track much to the chagrin of my four year old boy.

any help appreciated

-- Shawn Canaday (, August 11, 2004



I don't have a Zephyr, but from reading the manual I can only find 2 states for the Track Status LED: either ON or OFF. No mention is made of a Flashing state.

If you disconnect the Zephyr from the track and power it up, can you get the two states described? Can you chnage from ON to OFF and OFF to ON using by pressing the Power button? If so, then the problem is in your track wiring and what you are seeing is the Zephyr trying to power the track, detecting a short circuit and shutting off, then trying again. If this is what is happening, then you should also an 'o' walking across the 4 character display.

If the Track Status LED is flashing even with nothing connected to the track terminals, then my best guess is that you have a defective unit. You should contact Digitrax technical support for advice.


-- Dale Gloer (, August 13, 2004.

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