what is EAP's most famous poem?

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What is Edgar Allan Poe's most famous question? Please it's for an assignment! I need help! Thank you.

-- Anonymous, August 10, 2004


His most famous(underline famous) poem is so well known that hardly anyone lists it as such and therefore it might be hard to see for complete beginner. "The Raven" was Poe's biggest success, an international hit unparallled in American literature at that time and maybe since.

His most famous question? I am not sure if I understand that right. You mean from the poem or some other writing?

How about "Is all that we see or seem/ but a dream within a dream?" from the poem "A Dream within a Dream".

check them out at a Poe site like eapoe.org.

-- Anonymous, August 12, 2004

annabel lee

-- Anonymous, December 14, 2004

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