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I am building a Scooter out of a bike and a Weed-Eater motor. First off I need help with getting the motor to spin my axel. Second I need help with mounting the motor. Third I need to know if it is possible to start the motor by pushing the bike. Also is there a weight limit to the bike. Please be VERY specific and answer here or by email.

-- dragonwizard (, August 10, 2004


Hello, I had the same idea. Your best bet is to get a second sprocket (very small) and a second bike chain. Now bolt off your crank and pedals, and mount the weed-eater motor (with sprocket added) in a place, so that you can run the second bike chain from the weedeater's sprocket, to the bike's second or third front sprocket (I'm assumeing it has 6 gears in back, and three up front). I don't know if your weed eater has a clutch, but if it doesn't you'll have to turn off the eninge to stop. If you ride forward it won't start the motor, but a simple pullstart, or a electric motor should do the trick. With the set-up i just gave you, you can change gears, so high accelration (you know what i mean right?) but you can change gears so you can cruise a 25-30mph.You'll need a welder to mount the engine, and need a few elding skills. I bought a cheap welder off ebay for 70$. ARC (stick) welder, not the best looking welds, but penetration, which is good. If you want a welder like mine, i can give you a link to the company which makes them, but they cost 90 from the company. hope this helps, and let me now what it goes (post some pics to!)


-- Pete B. (, August 10, 2004.

How about YOU be very specific. Should I come over friday and help you mount the engine?

-- razz (, October 02, 2004.

hey man im doing the same thing to my bike, i have the motor mounted and everything its going to be sick stick with that kids idea it worked for me, only downside is if you have to much torque on those sproket teeth they will snap so you might need a spare for the future or a stronger rear end but they are $$expensive well good luck send me pics when your done any questions email me i will help you if i can..;)

-- jimbo (, November 11, 2004.

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