On August 03,2004 i read an article on AME HERALD titled: "Bishop Bryant Promotes Cross Cultural Ministry in The FiFth District." The article further states that there is a congregation to be added to the Pacific Northwest conference which is led by a Pastor From South Africa.Is there anyone who can share with us the Name of the Pastor and also let us know which district he is coming from or denomination.Know that there are pastor who left south Africa During the Dark Days Of Apartheid and we would like to reconnect with them.We also want to know others Pastors who might be in any ditrict other than oversees ditricts ( 14th-20th). thank u in advance for sharing the info withus.Know that I am from South Africa too. Rev Dimpho Gaobepe Pastor: Harris Spring AME Church, Brenham, Texas

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2004


Rev. Gaobepe, I will get that info for you and email it to you. I do know that he was an ame pastor in south africa. Give me a few days.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2004

Rev. Gaobepe,

Rev. Modise Molefe is currently in Canada and has been there for over a year now. I am aware that he initiated the establishment of the AME Church in the area he leaves and has been supported by Bishop A.J. Richardson.

Reading through what you posted on the board, I thought I need to help you with the recent connectional linguistical developments. At teh 2000 General Conference, a bill was received and passed regarding how to refer to districts outside of the US. At the 2004 General Conference, the Episcopal Committee recommended that the districts outside the US should not be referred as "Overseas Districts" but Districts 14 - 19 (with the new configuration of district, they go to 20). Who is overseas because everyone is?

I trust that you will adjust your language in that regard because there is much to it than what is obviously seen.

I know that I should do this the other way, but since this is the opportunity I have, let me thank you very much for the time well spent during the General Conference in Indianapolis. I thank you even on behalf of my colleagues and friends for having made it easire for us to cope with the American context. Let your ministry and endeavours in the US be blessed and looking forward to you coming around to bless your people and communities with the skills acquired while over there.

Because He Lives, I am

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2004

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