Hornby Live Steam and DCC

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Hornby say that live steam cannot be used with DCC, however it works by sending signal down the track, like DCC, Has anyone tryed mixing the two? could a decoder be fitted so that I could opperate live steam on my DCC layout?

-- Dave Jepson (mrjpsn@aol.com), August 02, 2004



I have a live steam locomotive. The only obstacle to using it on a track with DCC is that most live steam locomotives do not have insulated wheels and short out both rails.

If you could insulate the wheels, I would think that a live steam locomotive could run on track powered with DCC.

I think what you may be after is to send Hornsby signals on the same track that has a DCC signal. That I would not try.

-- Allan Gartner (wire4dcc_admin@comcast.net), August 02, 2004.

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