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On August 2, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:

St. Eusebius of Vercelli (Sardinian [Italian], bishop, opposed Arian heretics, abused and exiled, died at about age 88 in 371)

St. Boetharius of Chartres (French, bishop, 7th century)
St. Etheldritha of Croyland (British, princess, Benedictine hermitess for forty years, d. 834)
Bl. Gundechar of Eichstätt (Bavarian, empress's chaplain, bishop, died at about age 54 in 1073)
St. Maximus of Padua (Italian, bishop, c. 195)
St. Peter Julian Eymard of La Mure [Pierre-Julien] (French, cutler, parish priest, Marist provincial superior, founder of Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, mystical writer, died at age 57 in 1868 [beatified 1925, canonized 1962])
St. Peter of Osma [Pierre] (French, Benedictine monk, archdeacon in Spain, bishop, d. 1109)
St. Plegmund of Canterbury (British, Benedictine hermit, royal tutor, archbishop, d. 914)
St. Rutilius (North African, martyred in 250)
Pope St. Stephen I of Rome (Italian, archdeacon, elected to papacy in 254, reigned until death [possibly martyred] in 257)
Sts. Theodota, Evodius, Hermogenes, and Callista, of Nicaea (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], mother and three children, martyred by burning in 304)
St. Thomas Hales of Dover (English, Benedictine monk, martyred in 1295)

If you have anything to share about these holy people, please reply now -- biographical episodes, prayers through their intercession, the fact that one is your patron -- whatever moves you. If you are interested in one of these saints or blesseds and want to find out more about him/her, please ask. Additional information is sometimes available on the Internet.

All you holy men and women, saints of God, pray for us.
God bless you.

-- J. F. Gecik (", August 02, 2004


-- (", August 02, 2004.

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