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I have been recently engaged to a (just found out) non-catholic, and she is now divorced with 2 beautiful children. Well i guess my question would be can we get married catholic without an anullment even though she and her ex husband were not catholic and not married in a church? I appreciate any helpful responses. Thank You

-- anthony (, August 01, 2004


No. Any former marriage must be examined for validity before the Church will allow you to marry.

-- Paul M. (, August 01, 2004.

I thank you for your responce but why is it that had one of the parties been catholic then we would not have needed an anullment? since none of them were at the time of marrige and the fact that they were not married in a church, then would'nt that have not been a legal marrige in the eyes of the catholis church?? Thanks again

-- Anthony (, August 01, 2004.

That is not correct. A former marriage must be declared null before a new marriage can take place. That fact has nothing to do with the religious affiliation of either or both parties at the time of the first marriage.

-- Paul M. (, August 01, 2004.

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