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I am taking a rest trip with my wife to celebrate the coming of our 20th wedding anniversary on September 1 2004. We will be in Boston next Sunday. Are there any AME Churches near Copely Square? Please advise Thanks

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2004


There are four AME churches within the areaa that are easily accesible:

Bethel Mattapan, Revs. Hammond, Pastors, is accessible from the Orange Line. Take the trolley at Copley (Green Line) inbound to Park. trasnfer to the Red Line southbound. go one stop to Downtown Crossing, and take the Orange Line Southbound to fgorest pHills. From there, catch a short cab ride to Bethel (see thier web site for addressinformation).

Charles St. is accessble by bus. No longer sure of the specifs: it used to be you caught the bus at Dudley Station, alkso on the Orange line, but things may hjave moved when they took the elevated train down. See their web site for specifics.

Grant is also close to the ORange line! (there';s a trend in Boston, eh?) You'lll have to call for specifcs, or from Copley, take the Green Line outbund to Mass Ave. (Can't remember the station name), then take the #1 Bus toward Dudley. ASk them to let you off two blocks after turning right on Waashington St.

Easiest to get to from Copley may be St. Paul, Cambridge. Take the Gren Line inbound to Park St.. Transfer to the Red Line Northbound (Alewife). Go three stops to Central Square. When you get out, look back toward MIT. Walk about two blkocks to the McDonald's. Just before you get there, there's an alley. Cut through the alley to the parking lot behind McDonald's and you'll be facing St. Paul, which is at 3 Bishop Allen Dr., one block from Mass. Ave. (the main drag in Central Square). See their web site for three service times.

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2004

Good morning, Brother Brangman Bro Payne has given you excellent directions to the AME Churchs in Boston/Cambridge. However, you need not try to remember all of them. I will be happy to pick you and your wife up from wherever you are and take you to the church of your choice. Of course, I invite you to attend services at St. Paul AME. We have services at 7am, 9am, and 11am. Rev LeRoy Attles is our Pastor. When you say "next Sunday" I asume you mean Sunday, August 8. If you are interested in any of the other of our sister churches< I will be happy to get the info on the services. We will welcome you to Boston. You can drop me a note via this email address to let me know what you would like to do. Also, I stand ready to answer any questions you may have. God Bless Bob

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2004

Bro. McCain, completely off the subject, but....

What are the expectations of a congregation whose pastor runs for bishop? I noticed your post said LeRoy Attles serves as your pastor. What happens if he is elected, what is the atmosphere since he was not yet again?

How much support or participation does a church have in the election of their pastor to the episcopacy. I have often wondered what that would be like.

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2004

Granted that your question is off subject but it is significant question. I beg the leave of the board to give an answer. As you know, Pastor Attles had run for episcopalcy several times. Members have been involved in each of the campaigns. Each time that he and Sister Attles returned from General Conference, they were greeted with standing ovations at each service. There is an awesome love relationship at St Paul. The return from Indianapolis showed it. Pastor introduced himself by saying he is "Rev LeRoy Attles, I am your new Pastor." (Standing ovations and amens). The time consuming travel and attending all the various meetings and conferences spread him rather thin but he always planned his trips to be sure that he was in the pulpit on Sunday. Therefore, he rarely missed a Sunday. The backup for the Pastor was the church officers and ministerial staff. Bible Study was taught by a Steward (me) and Staff handled the emergency situations. We were very careful about keeping Attles for Bishop campaign events, finances, etc separate from the church. The Campaign Committee consisted of a core group of church members. If you had been in the hall behind the stage when Pastor Attles withdrew, you would have seen 50 or so St Paul members there circling him, in prayer. Folks have supported him with prayers and finances. There may have been some unhappy members but the majority supported him. Had he been elected, the Lord would provide as He has for 130 years. After Rev Bryant left, later to be elevated to Bishop, St Paul continued and continued to grow. Pastor Attles is in his 26th year here and is loved dearly. Thanks for asking Bro Bob

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2004

Bro. Bob, thanks for the answer. Your pastor seems to be a very genuine and committed man. I am so happy to hear that he was able to continue his service to St. Paul while also attempting reach the episcopacy. The next time I am in Boston, I must visit the Great St. Paul AME Church.

-- Anonymous, August 03, 2004

Sister Carolyn, please do. We will be happy to have you joining us in worshiping the Lord. You will feel very much a part of the family. St Paul AME Church is the way station for God's people as they travel, come to school here or just stop by. We call ourselves "The Church That Speaks to the World" because we have had visitors from all over the world come and worship with us. The Lord has sent folks from all areas and not just AME's. We love the Lord at St Paul and we love God's people. Bro Bob

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2004

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