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everytime when im in the middle of downloading something with bit torrent my computer freezes how do i fix this? i tried bit tornado and set the ul speed below 60 but that dosents work either

-- dfsajsdfj (, July 28, 2004


The only time that I have bittornado freezing situation is when I updated my Zonealrm firewall to version 5. The version 5 is killing my Bittornado...

-- Andy Tsao (, July 28, 2004.

dunno much...

-- Dragon (, July 29, 2004.

maybe try installing the newer version of the Bit Torrent your are using. sounds like the program is unstable. if it still don't work, scan your computer for spyware.

-- Chan (, August 04, 2004.

i gotta ? too. when i use bt, sometimes it says i can't connect to the web or something and i can't keep going on anymore. how can i fix that?

-- fullmoom_love (, August 04, 2004.

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