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I worked for a new up and coming builder in West Sacramento, California. We had verbally agreed from the beginning that we were going to give this a 30 day trial period. Every office meeting we had and i had to discuss what i had done ( I was head of research and development) they seemed completly blown out of the water, and repeatedly told me how thrilled they were with how well this was working out. After my 30 days was up we discussed a raise, and I was granted one. Then my boss stopped asking me for updates which seemed a little odd, but we were getting ready to move into our new office biulding so I didn't think much of it. I continued working as alawys. Then one day he calls me in, and says in one breath "you know how we discussed a 30 day trial period...well, it's just not working out. I've already talked to Herb (I used to work for lyon real estate) and he said that you could have your old job back there. We also need to discuss your cell phone, since its in our name we'll have to transfer it back to you. Do you want to keep with cingular wireless? " i asked him what I had done wrong,( i literally had recieved NO complaints or writeups this entire time) and he said that it simply wasn't working out, THEY weren't as "organized" as they wanted to be, and even though I was doing an "awesome job" and was "great at what you do" they still didn't feel it was working out.

My question is , it was past the 30 days (which by the way wasn't in writting that there ever was a 30 day trial period) and after the 30 days I got a raise, and then terminated. Do I have a case and if so, what should my next step be?

Thanks so muc for your time.

-- Megan Straws (meganator81@yahoo.com), July 28, 2004

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