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Hi there

I use showbiz to create slide shows, and last night I was making one for a 21st. First when I went into create the VCD, it come up saying could not find the ligos MPEG encoder. It has never done this before, and I don't even know what a ligos MPEG encoder is or how to find it. Then after I reloaded to try again, all the vital tools from the program are missing (transitions, sample colours, textures, stills) which makes the program useless to me!!! I can not uninstall and reinstall because my computer came with shoowbiz pre-installed and I do not even have a disc for it. I did a system restore to the earliest date possible, and that did not rectify my problem. Some very helpful person gave me this link, and I hope that someone here may be able to offer some wisdom. Also when I was reloading, I had to relink some of the files? Many many thanks, if you are able to help me out,

Kind Regards Kellie

-- Kellie Maree Blinco (, July 27, 2004


I'm going to assume that this now happens every time you try to make a VCD.

It sounds like something has damaged the software on your computer. Have you recently installed any new programs, or somehow picked up any adware? I am guessing the only way to get this program back is to uninstall it, make sure nothing is conflicting with it, and re- install it.

You should have a disc to restore the program with, or a complete "system restore" disc that reloads all the programs on your machine. If you don't, and you paid for the program, I would suggest asking your computer salesperson why you don't have a disc to reload the program.

-- Bryan (, August 02, 2004.

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