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hello, i have the sony mhc zx70 european model, is there any chance anyone knows what brand of cd-rw play on my model, i know that datasade dvdr works but i have had no success with IMATION or MAXELL thanks

-- risheet (, July 27, 2004


That's an old enough player that it probably has a DVD-only optical pickup assembly. CD-RW can be read sometimes in such a player, only becuase the CD-RW is more tolerant to the DVD laser. (That's oversimplifying things a great deal.)

As for media, it's going to be hit and miss. You'll have to try them until you find one that works, or purchase a more modern player that can handle CD-R.

Check: DVDname=sony+mhc+zx70&Search=Search&country=&orderby=Name

for more information.

-- Bryan (, August 02, 2004.

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