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We have recently moved house to 46 Beatty Avenue Raploch. Stirling FK8 1PX and we have been receiving debt letters for the previous owner, plus the debt collectors and the police have been coming to the door looking for the previous owner. We would like to know how we can find out if there is any outstanding debts at this address and how we can resolve this matter as we don not want blacklisted due to the previous owners debts.

-- josephine rawding (, July 25, 2004


Firstly Josephine, I would not recommend publishing your address details on any web-site. Perhaps the site moderator can amend your entry.

However, on to your question, the answer is that credit reference information is not only kept by address anymore, and has to be searched by reference to name as well. So, although there may be debts registered at the address, and it will be very inconvenient with letters and people calling, it should not affect your credit rating.

Hope that helps.


-- Mark O'Keeffe (, July 25, 2004.


Check your credit file to see what enteries relate to your address that have nothing to do with you.

As you have no connection with the previous occupants of the house, you can file a notice of disassociation with credit reference agencies to remove their details from your file.

Contact the credit refeence agencies for details.


-- Guy Skipwith (, July 25, 2004.

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