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im looking at building a 4 wheel drive go kart with full suspension and a very fast motor on it, something in the 150hp area if someone could help me out with info or plan it would be awsome

-- ben (, July 22, 2004


you are fucking retarted it is imposible

-- oscar (, July 31, 2004.

No he's not, it is possible, all you need is some 4-wheeler parts. or if your not concerned about mony, you can buy a cheep 4 wheel drive 4 wheeler and use the parts off it...i'v it done, so i know it's possible. infact if i can get aholde of the guy that has it, i'tt send you plans and pics

-- Brandon Silsbee (, August 10, 2004.

"if your not concerned about mony" "i'v" "infact" "aholde" "i'tt"

The last guy who posted is a fucking retard, don't believe him. He can't spell - he must be 10 years old or less.

"I'm not 10, I'm just thick!"

As for your idea, look at a 4wd car with full suspension and a "very fast motor in it" (I assume you mean powerful. Small two-stroke motors are very fast but don't have much power). For exaple, a laser TX3. To make it into a cart, just strip it fullly, chop it and weld in a roll cage. That will work out the cheapest.

-- razz (razzle_m', October 03, 2004.

get subaru 4wd front and rear axles

ford fistiva engine and automatic transaxle

build a tube frame, mount the engine midship (sideways) so that the cv shafts can be used for driveshafts

should be fairly fast and light

i have the parts just havent got around to it yet

-- Alan Gliniak (, November 07, 2004.

"fistiva". haha you said "fist". Just kidding, that's a good post, I hope it works out, be sure to post your results on this thread/forum as it would be nice to hear.

-- razz (, November 08, 2004.

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