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While listening to the news or discussing questions and issues on this board. It can feel like we are alone and have to do everything ourselves.

But God rules this world and the children of darkness, cannot defeat God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!

Whether we are discussing Iraq, ame budgets, domestic violence etc. God's power transcends all of these issues.

One of the great legacy of the bible is that the power of God is repeated over and over again, there was war, slavery, priests who disrespected the people, rape, famine, fear, etc. But through it all God took care of his children.

Perhaps as we are discussing issues, we can look to the bible to see parallell examples and how God delivered his people. It is our faith in God that will sustain us and our faith gets stronger when we read the bible daily and pray.

Of the various issues on the board can you think of an example in the Bible that you can site to offer hope to those who read this board?

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2004


Amen! Very well stated.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2004

My Sister; You made me stop and think deeply before responding to your comments and I agree wholeheartedly that God will deliver His people in His time. In Habakkuk we see God raising up an evil people, the Babylonians, to use against His own people to teach us to trust in God and God alone, even when we in our humaness may think that we have been abandoned. If we apply the lessons of Habakkuk to the current world situation, must we consider that "God's People" are not defined by national borders as in the time of Habakkuk; but that His people may be among Muslims, Arabs, Jews, Christians, etc? Also in order to rest in the assurance that God will "work things out" for us we must be willing to accept His will, which may differ from our human will; and individually we must make sure that we are not deceived but truly belong to Him.

Be Blessed

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2004

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