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I am a beginning tea enthusiast, and i was wondering why oolong tea is pretty expensive. I visited and purchased items from http://www.asianauthentics.com/Products/Tea/assortedtea.htm and oolong tea seems to be the most expensive. Why is this so?

-- star4wars (scnguyen2@hotmail.com), July 19, 2004



I live in Guangzhou, china where the biggest tea marketis. I am a tea lover and i think i will be dedicating the rest of my life to it. meaning, i am getting in the tea business. Oolong is the most expensive tea compares to the others types of tea (black, scented, puerh, green, yellow). However, the most expensive tea is not oolong. Its high price is due to the new craze about it, its new in the west, so it is expensive. And later, it will still be expensive because they will notice that it is a healthy product as well.

One of the most popular expensive tea one would be the Dragon well (long jing) from Hangzhou, the top grade for this tea is not available oustide china, the farmers keep it or it is offered to people belonging to the high society. For the pu erh, you can find some of this tea that is older than 20 years old with pricing going over 10 000 RMB which is about 1250 USD for 350grams. Feel free to email me for any questions. Sebastien PS: i checked the website where you bought your tea and i can assure you that the price is not that expensive. Well, it is expensive for that quality though. If you know i ll let you know when my site is running and you ll get a good idea on how High graded chinese tea can be expensive.

-- sebastien (sebastien_leseine@yahoo.fr), July 21, 2004.

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