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IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MAKE BIG CASH FAST, YOU HAVE TO GET IN AT THE VERY BEGINNING. WE ALL KNOW THAT THE LONGER YOU WAIT, THE LESS RETURN YOU GET ON YOUR INVESTMENT. WELL, THIS IS AS NEW AS IT GETS. THIS LETTER WAS STARTED ON JULY 15, 2004. WHICH MEANS THAT EVERYONE THAT GETS ON BOARD EARLY, WILL RECEIVE THE BIGGEST PIECE OF THE PIE. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT IS OVER SATURATED. IN A MATTER OF DAYS, THIS LETTER WILL BE IN EVERY MESSAGE BOARD ON THE INTERNET. NO SCAM, NO SPAM, NO PYRAMID. THIS IS PERFECTLY LEGAL AND LATER I WILL EXPLAIN WHY. THIS IS A BRAND NEW LETTER. HOWEVER, IT STILL USES PAYPAL. YOU CAN NOT BEAT THE BEST AND MOST TRUSTED NAME IN ON-LINE PAYMENT SERVICES. First of all, the other letters say that if you open a WEBIK or DANGOPAY account, you will receive $5 just for signing up. That is not exactly true. First you have to deposit a certain amount of money and they will add $5 to your deposit as a free gift. You can then withdraw the amount you originally deposited. That is too much of a hassle and takes too much time. To be honest, the main goal is to make as much money as quickly as you can. This letter will explain how you can take $5 and turn it into THOUSANDS in a matter of days, and in some cases, just hours!!! We all know that TONS of money has been made using all of these programs and this one is no different, except that it is BRAND NEW. I will explain to you the simplest, easiest, and most secure way for you to start making HUGE CASH PROFITS!!!

First, go to and sign up for an account. It is totally free. A business account is recommended because it does not have a sending or withdrawal limit. Paypal says you can even use your name as your business.

Next, deposit $5 into your new Paypal account. You can do this by adding your checking account to your Paypal account. (This may take 3-4 days.) Or if you want to start right away, use your credit or debit card to make the $5 deposit to Paypal. Paypal guarantees your security when using personal information. They do not release your information to third parties. Very, very, very, secure! Take the $5 in your Paypal account and follow these simple steps:

1) Click on the "SEND MONEY" tab

2) Enter the e-mail address in the #1 position

1. 2. 3.

3) Send the $5 to the first e-mail address with an attached note, or a seperate e-mail saying "ADD ME TO YOUR MAILING LIST." This makes it legal.

4) Copy this letter. To do this, simply place your cursor at the top of the page, hold it and drag it all the way down to the end of this letter, which will highlight it. Then click on "EDIT" and select "COPY." Now open "wordpad" file on your computer and put the cursor in the top of the page in the notepad. Then click on "EDIT," then select "PASTE." This will copy the letter onto your computer. Be sure to save this letter as a text file. Then send an e-mail to the third position (3rd e-mail) saying "THANKS, I'VE JOINED." This also makes this legal.

5) Now remove the #1 e-mail address and move #2 and #3 up a position, and list your e-mail as #3. 6) Log on to YAHOO, GOOGLE or any other major search engine, and type in "making money message board," or "post message," or " making money forums," or "employment," or "business opportunity," or " chat sites," or " news groups." Post this letter in at least 150-200 of these message boards and news groups. It is very important that you post as many as possible, because the more you post, the quicker your name will move up the list. When your name reaches the #1 position, is when you start bringing in the BIG BUCKS!!

Now just sit back and watch your Paypal account grow!!!

Good luck and make lots and lots of money!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2004


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سنی اسلام

-- Anonymous, July 18, 2004


-- Anonymous, November 05, 2004

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