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Hi All:

First of all I am new to VCD's so forgive my ignorance. I am sure I am asking a often asked question but it appears I have different software than most. I just bought a $29.00 v stream xpert dvd card, the software included is cyberlink Power producer gold, and something called pvr. Anyhow the installation of this card and software could not have been easier, the actual downloading of files and buning also incredibly easy, however you guessed it, when trying to play it back on either my pioneer dvd player or my liteon cd burner, nothing, nada silcho. I have a radeon 8500 with a listing for a vcd player which comes up but no picture. It appears that the dvd player starts to play it (you can hear it spin) however no play. I know these ati card have hardware dvd and I figured they would play vcd on the included vcd player, am I wrong or just stupid. My unit is a 1.8 pentium 4, with windows 2000, I tried played with media player9.0 and a divx player and just the standard error of "windows does not recongnize blah,blah,blah but might be able to read blah,blah,blah. I have looked quickly at the threads to see if this was addressed but didn't see this problem however alot of mention of cd-rw as opposed to cd-r media. I burned mine on a pny cd-r blank. any help at all would be great.

Thanks all Gordon

-- Rico La Toro (, July 18, 2004


Are you sure you're finishing up with a video CD? When you get a file, what is the extension, and what does the directory structure on the disc look like after you've burnt it?

-- Bryan (, July 18, 2004.

I never heard of this card, but it seems that it supports a wide variety of recording formats. My best guess is that you did not record in VCD format and that's why it won't play. I will warn you that I haven't seen any cards as cheap as yours that were really any good. You should expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $200 or so for a really good, professional card and I would recommend avoiding USB based solutions. Better results are always obtained from internal cards such as ATI, Hauppage and others.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), July 19, 2004.

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