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I was wondering if anyone who has had an osteotomy of the hip a while back can tell me how they are doing. I am 16 and had mine May of 2004. It's now July, and 2 days ago I had my hardware removed. I want to know if down the road, if you see arthritis or a THR in your way and what type of activities you are up to.

-- Krista Collin (, July 17, 2004


In June 2000 at age 54 I had a triple osteotomy of my left hip. I'm doing great and can do all activities (I'm in good health, weigh 120, and exercise--swimming for cardio and weigh machines for strength). Some arthritis has developed, according to my surgeon, but so far it's not bothering me.

Last month I had a total hip replacement of my right hip and am still recovering. I opted for THR this time because the technology has improved so much since 4 years ago--my new titanium hip should last me 30 years (which may be longer than I do!)--and because the surgery and recovery are so much easier.

I wish you all the best of luck and feel free to E-mail me if you have other questions or concerns.

-- Virginia Gerhart (, July 20, 2004.

Hi Krista, I am 21 years old and had a osteotomy in august 2001. unfortunatly for me it didn't help thue pain at all, making it even worse. 18 months later I got the hardware removed, this also didn't help. Then another 18 months later, 4 months ago, my doctor went back in and shaved a large bone spur of the ball of my hip, and moved some muscles down that he pinned in place. Its been a very long road, this last surgery has helped but I do know that my doctor did this surgery to try to buy me 10 years till a hip replacement. I am in the process now of getting all my records to see what is really going on in there. I know I have arthritis but do not know how much or about AVN. Since this last surgery I have finally been able to do alittle walking as well as biking and swimming, which is a great improvement for me. I wish you all the luck with your hip, and everyones hip and body is different I hope for you that this osteotomy will bring you many painfree years. How is your hip feeling now? Do you feel that the osteotomy has worked for you? Take Care Krista

-- Kristen Gilmour (, August 10, 2004. young hip patients go here

-- Krista (, August 11, 2004.

Hi Krista,

I had an osteotomy at 12. It lasted me 20 years (I'm 32 now) and have just converted it to a THR. I did hillwalking, yoga, gym and aerobics, aquafit and swimming. I hadn't expected to get a THR but I had always wanted to be able to jog, and wouldn't advise that as within 1 year of taking it up my hip packed up. Arthritis showed on my xrays when I was 21 but I had no pain until I started jogging. It took me about a year to get back to normal after the osteotomy. but then I hung onto the walking stick to long probably. The new THR is doing great!


-- (, December 02, 2004.

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