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I have a 5.0hp OHV motor. So how do you take the governor off?

-- (, July 17, 2004


i have a 6 hp tecuseh on my minibike with the govenor (un hooked). Now you need to realize that it is not something you just unbolt or take off it is in the linkages and is very easy to do but different on every engine. I think on mine all i did was un hook one linkage and that was it but i didnt figure that out for an hour or so. So i say start it and play with it for a while untill it revs to the moon. And yes its very safe in my opinion because i have been running it like this for just about the whole time i have had it so for about 6-7 years and for the last year i have been running a mixture of nitro methane for a little more spunk. And beware right when you relieve it of the limiter it will be a totally different engine! It will feel like it doubled in power and you can actually gear it higher. with my minibike when i fist got it it did about 20 not it does over 40 and throws any first time riders off. good luck

-- Alan (, July 19, 2004.

The way that i look at it is this- I have tooled around with my 5.0 hp Briggs go-kart engine and have so far gotten it up to 35 and have tried to take off the governor (i did do it), but i felt that the high revs made it max out and wore away at my engine. I tried to use everything to prevent this problem but so far i have gotten no where. I have finally put the governor back on and have had plenty of speed- to answer your question, yes it is safe to you but not your engine!

-- Rodney Clerk (, October 02, 2004.

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