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I am in the process of switching over to DCC (NCE) from an old Keller Onboard System. I have several types of turnouts (hand-laid, BK Enterprises, Atlas Custom and Shinohara) and each needs a few different twists. On the hand-laid and BK Enterprises I've been replacing one of the wooden turnout ties with one of the Clover Leaf PC ties, just like I'm replacing the throwbars. I put the PC tie near the frog to make it a little stronger when I start using the old Dremel tool to isolate the frog. Just like the throwbar, I also made the slice on the PC tie to isolate the point and stock rails. Does anyone see a problem with that carrying the power to keep trains running smoothly? With a good job of soldering, I feel like it's just as good as running wires. Thanks for any input.

-- Joey Goodman (, July 17, 2004



You should be able to use the PC board tie to deliver power to your rails.


-- Allan Gartner (, July 19, 2004.

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