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Can anyone convey information re: a poem entitled "Lines on Ale," from 1848----what Tavern? What City? When submitted/where submitted/ when and where published? Thank you kindly for any leads that will assit my research.....

-- Anonymous, July 15, 2004


The best source is the one who verified this rediscovery, Thomas Ollive Mabbott in his book on Poe "Complete Poems", p. 449. It is based on an oral tradition that is unlike the fraudulent claims of more serious lines. Manuscript hung on wall of the washington Tavern circa 1848-9 in Lowell, Ma. (Maybe July 10th to fortiofy himself for a lecture "Poets and Poetry in Amnerica" at Wentworth Hall?).

Long there, it was seen by the informant, Jerry Murphy(no relation of mine) but the manuscript itself vanished before 1920. Murphy was encouraged to get it published from his memory. It appeared in the London "Notes and Queries" July 29,1939(pp.77-78) and was entered into the Poe canon by Mabbott and this is supported at in their collection.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2004

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