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I was recently diagnosed with stage 2 osteocrenosis involving approximately 25% of the right femoral head based on xrays and mri's. I was refered to a specialist at the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison but my appointment there is not until the end of August. I have have done as much research as possible via the internet I have been trying to find information on what I should or should not be doing while I am waiting for my appointment in Madison. Is the protective weight bearing mentioned primarily to reduce pain or does it also limit the progression of the disease? I currently have good range of motion in my hip and only minor discomfort that advil typically covers but I don't want to aggravate the condition in the 6 weeks before my appointment so am wondering how much I should limit my activities and if use of crutches in the interim would be benificial to my condition other than to reduce pain? I am a 39 year old active female with none of the listed risk factors for ON. I haven't had any injury to my hip, haven't taken steroids at any time, drink only occasionally and don't have any of the other related diseases. I do however have hemocromatosis and have undergone periodic phlebotomies to reduce my iron levels. Typically I have gone at least several times a year but coincidently it had been almost a year since I had my blood checked and when I went to the doctor to check my hip I found that my iron levels were also high. I am wondering if there has been any research done on any corelation between osteonecrosis and hemochromatosis?

-- K. DeBartolo (, July 15, 2004


Hi there. Although I cannot answer your question, I thought I'd let you know of my situation. I was yesterday confirmed with AVN of the left femoral head. I am a 33 year old male. Earlier this year it was discovered I was heterozygous for both haemochromatosis gene mutations. Although my iron levels are high, they are not yet overloaded. I too have wondered if there is a correlation between AVN and haemochromatosis. Michael. 22 Oct 2004

-- Michael Bourke (, October 22, 2004.

I have had ON of the base of the tibia, and talus, sense April and will have surgery next week. I have Hemochromatosis, also. I've been told it causes early arthritis, and wonder if there is a connection. I had a small stroke with no permanate damage and wonder if the small blood vessals were affected. It is on the same, right side.I have had phlebotomies, agressively for 3 years and am in the normal ferritin range now. Penny Pesta

-- Penny Pesta (, November 11, 2004.

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