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Does anyone in the Society have annual reports of the FLORIDA CENTRAL & PENINSULA RAILROAD or the FLORIDA RAILROAD AND NAVIGATION COMPANY?? Will purchase same or generously compensate to have them Xeroxed. Any other materials about these two firms appreciated. This for a forthcoming book.

-- Gregg Turner (, July 15, 2004


Gregg - Have you tried the State Library in Tallahassee? Most states had laws regarding the railroads within the state furnishing the State RR Comm, PUC, etc., with an annual report, either the RR's annual corporate report or a completed state form, or both. The state form usually shows new rolling stock purchased, old rolling stock scrapped, new stations, stations closed, accidents/deaths, etc., etc. Older reports, such as those from the FC&P, would probably have been transfered to the State Library from the RR Comm. files when no longer needed.

Additionally, Al Westerfield,, has five Official Railway Equipment Registers on CD-ROM for sale, 1885, 1888, 1892, 1897 & 1900, which would show the FC&P's rolling stock, connections, etc.

Hope the above is of some assistance.

-- Tom Underwood (, July 16, 2004.

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